Abby’s Acres was founded in 2015 at the Tilian Farm Development Center in Ann Arbor Township.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality eggs by treating our chickens as well as we treat our family pet, Abby.

To provide for our chickens we created a Robotic Chicken coop controlled by an Arduino microcontroller that opens, closes, feeds, and waters the chickens automatically based on the timing of sunrise and sunset. To ensure great foraging we move the coop around our 5 acre pasture.  Eggs are collected with roll out nest boxes to keep them clean and unbroken.

What a chicken eats is the most important factor in her happiness and the quality of her eggs.  First and foremost chickens are omnivorous foragers.  That is why we keep the chickens on pasture where they can eat grass, clover, bugs, worms and whatever else they can get their beaks on.  To have good consistent egg production we also supplement their foraging with high quality feed.  We strive to produce as much of our feed as we can.  This year we grew 6000lbs of wheat, barley and field peas.   We did not grow enough protein so we will be sourcing locally non-GMO soy meal from the Dexter Mill.  Our goal for next year is to produce all of the feed using all organic growing practices.